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Olive trees Live for Thousands of Years!

Olive trees Live for Thousands of Years!

Did you know that olive trees can live for thousands of years? There are many cases of olive trees growing for well over two thousand years, and even stories of a town in the Lebanon that claims to have living olive trees from 4000 BC.

The olive trees that we specialise in (Olea europaea)  here at Villaggio Verde, range from a  year old to 100’s of years old.  It is possible for you to own an Olive tree which was originally planted by The Romans!

Each gnarly olive tree may have witnessed many incidents.

An ancient tree may have supported hundreds and hundreds of people, not to mention wildlife, as its fruits were eaten and used in the production of oils for cooking, ointments, ceremonies.

Perhaps it is because they are so dependable, and their fruits so versatile, that Olive Trees have long been revered.  “Extending someone an olive branch” is an ancient offering intended to mean peace, and is written about in ancient literature.

As you can see, your ancient olive tree is not just a tree… and nor is it just symbollic of past eras.  It is possible that your beautiful gnarly olive tree once played a part in history and grew a peace-extending olive branch that changed the course of history.

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