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Villaggio Jazzed up Olives

Villaggio Jazzed up Olives

Dinner party? Need to do apperitifs, but only found one jar of olives in olive oil in your storecupboard?

Here are a few ways to serve them.

  • Add a few chilli flakes to the jar and allow to marinade in the fridge
  • Can’t get pre-stuffed olives?  Buy pickled garlic or sundried tomatoes and stuff your own!
  • Add a few slices of garlic to the jar and leave to marinade
  • If they are stoned, whizz a few in cream cheese to create a lovely dip
  • Pop a few in a bowl with some cherry tomatoes, and offer with a bowl of hummus and some tortillas.  Got no hummus?  Then just blend a can of chickpeas with a little olive oil and some garlic.

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