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My wife loves it thanks.

Jean-Yves was very helpful and gave me some good tips. We are still deciding where would be the correct place to put it and whether to plant it in the ground or in a raised bed.

Paul - Wiltshire Sept 2013

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Do not see the Olive Tree you want?

Please email us with details of your requirments

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We can also match Olive trees to your existing trees if required


About Us and about our Olive Trees.

Olive Trees.  Old olive trees, young olive trees - we are seriously passionate about them! 

Olive Tree Specialists, Villaggio Verde are THE number one choice when you want to buy an Olive Tree. Whether they are gnarly old olive trees showing every century of their life, or fresh olive clipped ball headyoung olive trees in shiny pots,  we simply love them!  Which could be why we're now one of the leading olive tree specialists.  So, whether you want to buy a single olive tree for your garden, or you'd like to recreate a whole Mediterranean Olive Tree Grove - we will be privileged and delighted to help you.

Together we can plan to make the most of your olive trees - planning planting, soil, light and proximity to buildings. With over 20 years of experience in Olive Trees, we are committed, professional and passionate about Olives. 

Offering Quality and Efficiency in Olive Trees and Service

We have our own Mediterranean farmland, where we grow and nurture olive trees, as well as our Olive Tree Nursery (and old-olive-home!) in the UK, perfectly placed to supply the whole of the UK, including London, the Home Counties, the Midlands usually on a daily basis, subject to orders.  We can also deliver to any part of the UK, on delivery schedules that can be between 24 hours and 2 weeks depending on requirements.

Having our own Olive Tree Nursery in the UK means we can usually even supply large or complex orders swiftly from our UK bases. You can visit our olive tree nursery or request a 360 degree video link to any mature olive trees you'd like to view. And of course we also sell single olive trees, and we're happy to supply smaller orders. 

Passionate about preserving ancient olive trees. 

gnarled olive treeEver thought of giving an ancient olive tree a good home? At Villaggio Verde, we work to save ancient olive trees that would otherwise be burned for firewood!  It may sound shocking, but in some farming areas where a small olive grove is no longer profitable, Olive trees are replaced to grow more profitable varieties or diverse into a new crop.  Villaggio Verde Olive trees are sustainable.

We make it our business to identify these opportunities, so that we can carefully transplant these beautiful specimens (some over 800 years old) into gardens in the UK where they will be appreciated and admired.  It can take 3 years of nuturing from the time we lift the old tree from the ground, untill it has re-rooted in containers and strong enough to be moved to UK.  We also supply Olive trees to other European countries.


Young olive trees, old olive trees - whatever you buy - every olive tree is different

Every single mature olive tree is totally different. In fact, perhaps the only time olive trees look identical is when they start out life as cuttings.   From then on, each and every olive tree changes minutely to adapt to its surroundings and what life throws at it.   A nesting bird, a prevailing wind, a heavy pruning, and just their own beautiful gnarliness, all of these can combine to transform an olive tree into a piece of living art.  For this reason, our ancient olive trees, mature olive trees and gnarly olive trees are all offered as individual items, so that the one you select, is the one you buy.

Olive trees... they are our passion!
Own one and you'll soon understand why they are so special.



A little more history  about Villaggio Verde, the UK's Olive Tree Company and our Olive Trees

First and foremost, we have always provided fantastic offers on Old Olive Trees - Delivered Nationwide.  We offer daily deliveries in most places in the UK, so youLove Your Garden logo can buy your olive tree today and usually have it delivered tomorrow (please contact us when you order your tree if you need a specific time slot, or you want same-day delivery)

If you'd like to buy an olive tree - then here's why you should consider buying from us

As featured on BBC Gardeners World and ITV Love Your Garden, with Alan Titchmarsh in 2013. We have won award after award - something we believe is down to our love of olive trees.  Now on our brand new website full of olive tree information and offers, and of course we're still here to help you in person.

We are the UK's Olive Tree Specialist - here's why

As the UK's Leading Specialist 'Olive Tree Growers and Suppliers' offering unbeatable value, WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER VALUE OLIVE TREES.  We can do this because we ONLY grow and supply olive trees.  We aim to bring you special offers, deals and Olive Tree bargains so you can buy your olive tree knowing you've got a great quality tree at an excellent price. 

If you want a particularly unique specimen we Can Send You a Photo or Even a Mini Clip of Selected Olive Trees.  (If you want more than one Olive Tree, ask us for even more discount!

How to buy your Olive Tree in the UK

olive treesOlive tree specialist, Villaggio Verde has been promoting Olive trees in the UK for more than 20 years and are now the specialist Olive tree suppliers with more than 2000 Olive trees available. Villaggio Verde are comitted to supplying 'best value' by keeping costs to a minimum. No 'flashy' expensive display areas means we simply offer quality and value Olive trees direct from 'our door' to 'your door'.  All you need to do is drop us an email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    And here's a whole page on how to buy your olive tree...

Who do we supply with Olive Trees?

Villaggio Verde supply Olive trees to a diverse group of plant users including the general public, garden centres, plants nurseries, mail order companies, garden design companies, construction companies, local authorities, country estates, high profile personalites and celebrities, television companies, film sets and some very important households!



More Olive Tree information


Villaggio Verde, the UK's leading grower and supplier of Olive Trees to trade and direct, are simply specialists in olive trees, including: 


Are Olive Trees Hardy?

This is the number one question in the UK and there is a definative answer - Yes.  

Olive trees are incredibly robust and can cope with a wide range of extremes.  Villaggio Verde Olive trees are hard grown.  All our trees are grown outdoors, not a poly-tunnel to be seen which means stength.  No matter what the weather, our Olive trees experience it and that goes for a week of full hot sun right through to heavy snow.

There are, however certain things to consider.  

Do not let your potted Olive tree dry out in Winter.

Here, at Villaggio Verde, we have seen very low temperatures in the UK over the past few Winters.  It has given us the opportunity to further research how the Olive trees react to sub zero temperatures.  Villaggio Verde have studied this at our facility based in Worcestershire, middle England, and a few years ago saw the lowest temperatures for 100 years, minus 19.2! What we learnt from this was that the roots of an Olive tree can withstand being deep frozen for 2 weeks, providing the tree was hydrated prior to the freeze.  In other words, the trees we left dry suffered more than the trees which were watered.  During these extreme in low temperatures, we observed that the 'dry' trees suffered frost damage into the main branches and occasionally into the trunk, whereas the hydrated trees suffered less.  A good hard prune the following spring encouraged the trees to bounce back.  Olive trees are a little like Willow trees.  Pollard or even chainsaw straight through the middle of the trunk, and the trees will start to shoot from the point where the tree was cut.

Planting Olive Trees in Pots?

Olive trees do extremely well in pots and can cope with being pot bound providing the crowns is kept cropped and in shape.  You must also remember to water your Olive trees more frequently when in pots.  Consider building a simple bottomless box around the base of your trees.  This can be simply done using new sleepers (not old contaminated railway sleepers), purchased from your local builders merchant.  They are cost effective and easy to cut and put together creating a very attractive container. Make the sleeper container as large as you wish in order to balance the crown of the Olive trees.  This also provides soil areas inwhich to under-plant with a herbs for example.  After one season, the sleepers 'silver' providing a super and cost effective planter.

Planting Olive Trees in the Ground?

Olive trees thrive when planted directly into the ground.  They prefer alkaline soils and are happiest in poor soils, sandy, gravel types and chalk.  They are also fine in any free draining soil.  The trees also grown well in clay, however, our wet UK climate means if you have clay soils, you should consider how long it takes for the water to drain.  This is easy to test, as you simply need to dig a hole, fill it with water, and see how quickly the water drains away.  If it is still full of water after a few hours then imagine the roots of the Olive tree during the winter, probably too wet.  You can help this problem, by only half planting the root-ball and then grading a more free draining soil from the existing ground level  to the top of the Olive tree root-ball.  If you choose to plant this graded soil with lavender, for example, then the tree will appear natural.  Only part planting the Olive tree also means you retain some height so the Olive tree is viewed and enjoyed even more.

Pruning Olive Trees when and where?

Pruning is simple!  We are asked many times each day, how shall I prune my Olive trees? The important thing is to keep the tree pruned back each year to encourage good leaf growth.  Imagine a single shoot, pruned.  At the point where you prune the shoot, two or three new shoots will spur, which means the shoot suddenly becomes a multi-shoot.  Imagine pruning 100 shoots all over the tree to produce 300 new shoots.  This is how you develop the crown.  In the UK we are less concerned about open centre as Olive fruit is not the priority in the UK.  The message is to prune the Olive tree in order to produce a crown to suit your space.  There is no science to pruning a tree outside of the commercial environment and the Olive trees do not suffer from die back.  This means you can prune anywhere and not worry about pruning just above a shoot.

Remember that if you do not prune the tree, then the single shoots will continue to head for the skies.  As the shoot matures and thickens into a branch, the mature wood stops producing leaves.  If you have seen an Olive tree with all the leaves on the outer branches, and looking rather thin and woody in the centre, then this is the reason!

Watering and Feeding Olive Trees?

Olive trees are incredibly drought tolerant and when living happily on a hillside in Italy or Greece, the roots will travel into the mountain side to find humidity in the soil, enough to keep them happy.  However,commercial groves are often irrigated in order to ensure the flower is maintained and the Olive fruit reaches its optimum.  Serious drought can sometimes affect the quality and yeild of the fruit - disaster if you are an Olive fruit farmer!  The situation in the UK is different.  If the tree in planted in the ground, after intial watering for the first growing season, the Olive tree will be completly drought tolerant.  If the Olive trees are displayed in containers, the trees roots are not able to find water other than the water we or nature add.  Rain falling onto a pot surface provides little benefit.  It is important to keep the Olive trees watered during their growing season when in containers, and ensure they do not dry out completly during the winter.  No plant on this planet can live without any water!

Olive trees survive with little nutrients, but again, if the tree is in a container, provide it with a 'tonic' of Tomato food in May as the tree is waking up and then again every 6 weeks through the growing period.  It is not essential but we have found this to be a benefit to the trees.

Pest and Disease?

Olive trees are incredible strong.  They are even fire resistant!  Often the leaves of an Olive trees appear 'nibbled'.  This is caused by a leaf beatle and is nothing to be concerned about.  It is not deterimental to the trees health and hardly noticable.

Peacock spot on Olive trees becomes apparant after wet winters and continued wet springs.  It is not serious unless you are in the business of harvesting fruit on a large scale.  Peacock spot, however, should be treated if possible to maintain good leaf cover and avoid excessive leaf drop.  Peacock spot can be treated with a copper solution, preferably after a long dry period (easier said than done in the UK!).

Mealy Bugs - now these are a pain, especailly if the trees are indoors.  It is easier to remove this pest by detecting it early.  Look for white 'fluffy' powder under the leaves and at the leaf axis.  The 'bug' operates by sucking the sap from the trees (not only olive trees but any plants that are placed indoors).  They can be blasted off with a stream of water or a cloth with Alcohol can be used to wipe of the pest.  Soap solution also works and it effectively sufficates the little pests.

Olive trees will bounce back from most things.  Even if the tree loses all it's leaves, with a little care, the tree will be back and flourishing in no time.





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