Hedging and Screening

Olive Trees are small leafed and evergreen making them the perfect choice for screening and hedging. Remember to prune/clip you screening trees to promote multiple new shoots keeping the plants full of leaf.

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Olive Tree Shrubs Trio

Lovely shrubs great for hedging or just simply evergreen structures in and around your garden We have many trios that

Instant Olive Hedging

Mature shrubs, 6ft plus tall planted. Instant hedging and evergreen what more could you need? Coverage 5m plus – limited

Olive Tree Collection x 4 B

Price is for the collection of lovely small Olive Trees to make a screen or dot around the garden. (this

Olive Tree Shrubs (Generic Picture)

Lovely large shrubs great for screening or a a feature in the garden Man in the photo is 5ft 9

Olive Tree D16

A distinctive Olive Tree specimen with a hefty crown. Man, in the photo is 6ft or 1.82 meters to give

Olive Tree D12

  Man, in the photo is 6ft or 1.82 meters to give you a height scale We take great pride

Olive Tree B30

Man in the photo is 5ft 8 inches or 1.72 meters to give you a height scale We take great

Pleached Olive Tree Panels

Olive Tree panels perfect for screening 2.2 meters high approx, 1 meter x 800 mm panel 40cm Pot Man, in

Olive Tree – Good for Front Garden Screening (Generic picture please ask if you are looking for a similar tree)

Olive Trees- perfect for screening! These have been pruned to approx the height of the green tank to promote new

Villaggio Verde Gift Card

Can’t decide? Buy Villaggio Verde gifts cards and let your receiver choose their perfect tree. Choose your own amount by

Olive Tree Shrub (generic picture)

Shrub Olive Tree – the shrub supplied will be as similar to the picture as possible Man, in the photo