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Thank you for the beautiful trees, pictures didn't do them justices!

Jim - London Feb 14

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Do not see the Olive Tree you want?

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We can also match Olive trees to your existing trees if required


Olive Trees FAQs

What does gnarly mean? How long does an olive tree live? How do you move an olive tree? Can I plant an olive tree indoors?  ...

Here are many of the frequent questions we get asked about olive trees - along with the answers.   

How will you deliver my olive tree?Olive-tree-delivery-crane-3

We offer a daily olive tree delivery, and the way your tree will be delivered will depend entirely upon the size of the tree and its final destination.  For many properties in cities, particularly London, access is limited and the only way into a garden can be either taking the tree (well wrapped) through the house or using a crane to take the tree up and over!

Of course this is a well-rehearsed operation, as we deliver hundreds of olive trees in the city every year. 

Other more rural destinations may not require such a specialised service, in which case your tree may be delivered on a pallet to your home address, ready for you to place in a container, or to plant.  

I live in London at the top of a block of flats - I want an old olive tree for the balcony, is this possible?

Yes! It's certainly possible, although it will depend on the load-bearing of your balcony.  Many of our deliveries in London require special logistics and this is no different.  For a balcony tree, if the tree is too large for stairs and lift, we can employ cranes to lift it into place.

I want an old olive tree in a container on my patio - is this possible

Absolutely yes!  Please make sure that there's adequate drainage and that you've sited the container where you want it.  Make sure the container is big enough to house the rootball of the olive tree.

What sort of soil do olive trees like? I'm afraid our soil isn't good enough quality.

Think of a greek hillside!  Poor soil, little water, great drainage, not damp.  Olive trees can exist in the scrubbiest of places, in environments that many other trees would simply hate.  So you can see they are hardy and tough, capable of finding water and clinging onto a mountain.   Ensure your olive tree is placed in a well-drained environment, make sure there's no possiblity of water-logging, and it should be quite happy. Of course remember to water it, but not too much. 

How long will it take a young olive tree to grow to maturity?compress tall spec olive

Olive trees live hundreds of years, so if you want a mature olive tree you may be best considering an old tree with a beautiful gnarly trunk.  For younger trees, the trunk is smooth, but you can choose from some glorious shapes including spiral trunks and cloud-clipped trees. 

I don't want a tree that will grow too large - how large will an ancient olive tree grow?

In the wild they don't grow terribly tall, but in the UK they tend to be a lot shorter.  Remember you can (in fact you should) prune your tree, so you can keep it under control size-wise.

Can I keep an olive tree indoors

Given enough light and the correct watering, olive trees thrive indoors.  Large olive trees look fantastic in hotels, restaurants, shops and offices. Stunning in art galleries, and make a lovely backdrop to shopping malls.  Olive trees make glorious container trees for the home.  

And finally: "Olive trees - surely they won't survive in the UK"!

Olive trees have been grown in the UK since at least Roman times.  The trees we most usually supply are usually Oleo Europaea and these are very well adapted to UK climate.   Olive trees are very happy in UK climate.  Remember too that the Mediterranean winter can sometimes be as harsh as ours, so olive trees are not strangers to cold or even snow.


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The Olive Tree Gift Card is a terrific way to 'gift' an Olive tree without the dilema of choosing one!  The Gift Card will be emailed to you or the reciever of the gift (just let us know).  A unique code is part of the Gift card and can be used at any time in the future.  Buy in multiples of �25.


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