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Hi, we bought a large olive from you last year, which we love. Saw these short gnarly stumps and wondered how much they were as we might be interested in a couple?

Nigel - Derbyshire 2013

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We can also match Olive trees to your existing trees if required


Olive Tree Information

Olive Recipes

Olives for lunch, dinner and tea!  Perhaps even breakfast!

Much as you'd expect, here at Villaggio Verde we all LOVE olives! We don't just grow the olive trees, we've become olive junkies - and that means olives with everything!

Here are our favourite olive additions.  (Note:  We aren't chefs, so nothing here is measured or precise... but it is delicious!)

Villaggio Olive Salad (V): 

Add a handful of black olives and crumble some Feta cheese into chopped fresh tomatoes, cubed cucumbers and some sliced spring onions.  It becomes a great staple summer dish, though we cannot work out if it's supposed to be called a Greek Salad or a Shopska Salad - guess many other countries have their own version too.  This needs to be eaten outside, surrounded by olive trees.

olive-trees-win-awards-1Villaggio tuna and olive toasties. 

Arrange some grated cheese and a few thinly sliced black olives onto a slice of bread, and grill for a few seconds until the cheese melts and turns light browh.  Drain and mash up a tin of tuna with some mayo, and a few sliced black olives.  Assemble your toastie with a slice of bread, the tuna/olive/mayo mix in the middle, and the one-sided cheese on toast on the top.

Villaggio Olive & Chorizo Pasta.   

Boil up your favourite pasta until it's soft. In another pan, swiftly fry a few slices of chorizo (we like the spicy version) and when it's sizzling, throw in a jar of tomato passatta or tinned tomatoes.  Add a handful of your favourite olives and warm through thoroughly .  Stir into the pasta.  Pop a few sliced olives on top.  Delish.   This can be an indoor delight, or make a giant bowl of pasta and invite the neighbours round to share in the shade of your olive tree!

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How old is your olive tree?


Did you know that olive trees can live for thousands of years? There are many cases of olive trees growing for well over two thousand years, and even stories of a town in the Lebanon that claims to have living olive trees from 4000 BC.

Olive trees Live for Thousands of Years!

olive-tree-award2The olive trees that we specialise in (Olea europaea)  here at Villaggio Verde, range from a  year old to 100's of years old.  It is possible for you to own an Olive tree which was originally planted by The Romans!

Each gnarly olive tree may have witnessed many incidents.  

An ancient tree may have supported hundreds and hundreds of people, not to mention wildlife, as its fruits were eaten and used in the production of oils for cooking, ointments, ceremonies.

Perhaps it is because they are so dependable, and their fruits so versatile, that Olive Trees have long been revered.  "Extending someone an olive branch" is an ancient offering intended to mean peace, and is written about in ancient literature.

As you can see, your ancient olive tree is not just a tree... and nor is it just symbollic of past eras.  It is possible that your beautiful gnarly olive tree once played a part in history and grew a peace-extending olive branch that changed the course of history.  

Olive Tree Size

10lt clipped head olives compOne of the many appealing things about Olive Trees is that they rarely if ever, grow too tall here in the Uk - in fact most olive trees in the UK will stay a nice "patio size", as we're quite keen on keeping them in pots!  Even out of a pot, they don't grow too tall, which means that whilst transplanting and moving these glorious trees is certainly not simple, it is at least feasible, and it means that we can all enjoy an ancient olive tree, by buying one now and you don't have to sit around waiting 800 years for it to grow old and gnarly!

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Olive Trees in 60 seconds

Want some fast facts? Here's your "Olive Trees in 60 seconds" crammer!

Type: Evergreen
Life: Up to 4000 years, and possibly longer
Height: In their mediterranean homelands, they can grow up to a lofty 8-15 metres at their tallest but here in the UK much shorter - 5 metres would be more likely as a maximum.
Soil preference: Thrive best in poor, well-drained soil but will grow in most soil, even clay if well-drained.

OLIVE trees (olea europaea) are evergreens, and although they are native to....

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Spiral Bay Tree

What!!!!   Cheeky great quality Spiral Bay Trees have invaided our Villaggio Olive tree space 

Limited offer - they need good homes urgently :)

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The Olive Tree Gift Card is a terrific way to 'gift' an Olive tree without the dilema of choosing one!  The Gift Card will be emailed to you or the reciever of the gift (just let us know).  A unique code is part of the Gift card and can be used at any time in the future.  Buy in multiples of �25.


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