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Thanks so much for the beautiful tree - it really is fabulous and is going to look amazing in our garden.

Caroline - Forest Hill (London)

Caroline - London Oct 13

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Do not see the Olive Tree you want?

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We can also match Olive trees to your existing trees if required


Olive Recipes

Villaggio Easy Peasy Olive Pasta

Only got a few minutes to spare? This is sooo simple, but the olives really make it.  Simply make your usual pasta dish, add a jar of pesto, and then throw in your favourite (stoned) olives. Delicious.

Villaggio Olive Pate (V).  

olive-trees-win-awards-1Thinly slice and then fry a medium sized onion in a dash of olive oil. Add a dash of tomato puree and sizzle together.  Then remove from heat and add two or three generous handfuls of olives (stones removed).  Whizz this up in the blender until it's the consistency you prefer.  Chill in the fridge and when cold, enjoy it slathered on French bread.  Black or Green olives both work, and both give a very different taste.  This is best eaten in the shade of a gnarly old olive tree, to escape the heat of the sun.

Villaggio Olive Pate - not veggie.   Follow the recipe above, but add in a couple of anchovies to taste and a dash of Worcestershire sauce before whizzing

Villaggio Olive Pate - not veggie plus!    Follow the recipe above, and also add in a scoop of cream cheese when it's cooled, whizz again, and enjoy!

Villaggio Olive Bruschetta Cheat (V).   

This is one of those "what's in the store-cupboard" moments.  Finely chop an onion, a few tomatoes, a handful of olives and a clove of garlic.  Slice some French bread, grill until golden brown, then allow to cool.  Just before serving, drizzle a little olive oil over it, and put a spoon of the Olive Bruschetta Cheat onto each slice.  Top with a whole olive.  YUMMY.

Serving suggestions:  Crumble Feta cheese onto each bruschetta.   Or add a dollop of cr�me fraiche before you top with an olive.

Spice up the Olive Bruschetta Cheat with a little chilli oil.

Villaggio Jazzed up Olives.  

Dinner party? Need to do apperitifs, but only found one jar of olives in olive oil in your storecupboard?   Here are a few ways to serve them.

- add a few chilli flakes to the jar and allow to marinade in the fridge

- can't get pre-stuffed olives?  Buy pickled garlic or sundried tomatoes and stuff your own!

- add a few slices of garlic to the jar and leave to marinade

- if they are stoned, whizz a few in cream cheese to create a lovely dip

- pop a few in a bowl with some cherry tomatoes, and offer with a bowl of hummus and some tortillas.  Got no hummus?  Then just blend a can of chickpeas with a little olive oil and some garlic.

Villaggio Bread with Olives and Cheese.  

Got a breadmaker?  Great!  Then ring the changes - by adding in some olives (stoned) and a good helping of grated parmesan.    Also try:
Olives and tomato puree,

Olives and fried garlic.

Olives and Feta Cheese

And olives with pesto is delicious too.

Remember to check your recipe/instruction book and adjust quantities of water accordingly.


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The Olive Tree Gift Card is a terrific way to 'gift' an Olive tree without the dilema of choosing one!  The Gift Card will be emailed to you or the reciever of the gift (just let us know).  A unique code is part of the Gift card and can be used at any time in the future.  Buy in multiples of �25.


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Spiral Bay Tree

What!!!!   Cheeky great quality Spiral Bay Trees have invaided our Villaggio Olive tree space 

Limited offer - they need good homes urgently :)

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