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Thank you for the beautiful trees, pictures didn't do them justices!

Jim - London Feb 14

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Do not see the Olive Tree you want?

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We can also match Olive trees to your existing trees if required


Olive Tree FAQ

While we praise our Olive Trees for their hardiness and very low maintenance here a few things that will ensure your Olive Tree THRIVES!



- Do not be afraid!

- It is important to provide your Olive Tree with harsh prunes every now and then. This will encourage the development of new shoots and ensure a more 'fuller' looking crown. 

- Generally the Olive Tree should be pruned back no further past the last seasons growth. A few inches short of this is ideal. 

- Typical expected annual growth is 20-40cm.

- Pruning should preferably take place late spring, annually.

- Shaping should preferably take place at the end of late summer.


- All living things generally become drought tolerant after 1 season of being in the ground. Therefore, for that first season the Olive Tree should be watered well.

- If the Olive Tree is in a container then it will not be drought tolerant and will require watering on a regular basis during the growing season (April- October)


- It is important to recognise that Olive Trees thrive in poor soil.

- If the Olive Tree is in a container it may benefit from occasional tomato feed.


- Olive Trees should remain outside all year round as they are very strong and cold resistant.

- Very young Olive Trees may benefit from some protection from extremely cold weather.

- Olive Trees are able to survive almost all weather but in extreme cases a simple 'tree blanket' can help.

Soil Type

- When in containers we recommend garden top soil.

- It is not necessary to add grit to growing medium as this will mean more watering!

- Please steer away from multipurpose compost as generally it dries out faster.

- If being planted into the ground then usually any soil type will do.

- However, if the Olive Tree is being planted into heavy clay then the drainage should be tested. This is as simple as digging a hole; filling it with water and leaving it for a period of time to see how much water drains out. If the drainage is poor then it will require improvements.


- Olive Trees are more than happy to be pot bound, however, the expectation for new growth should be limited. 

- The larger the pot, the better! A pot can never be too big!

Are Olive Trees wind tolerant?


Mealeybug or 'White fluffy stuff'

Found in warmer growingclimates, mealybugs are soft-bodied, wingless insects that often appear as white cottony masses on the leaves, stems and fruit of plants.They are very sticky and have the appearance of 'cotton wool'.

Spray with mealeybug insecticide

Peacock spot
Peacock spot is identified when a leaf will begin yellowing and a brown ring will occur. This is caused by high humidity.

Treatment is not necessary due to the leaves taking care of themselves as they drop due to being insufficient for photosynthesis. In extreme cases a simple copper mixture can be used.


Yellowing leaves

Yellowness in leaves is caused by a lack of sunlight. Usually closer to the crown of the Olive Tree. There is no necessary treatment due to the leaves simply falling off by themselves.

Browning leaves

Caused by a lack of water.

The Olive Tree should be fully saturated with water and should be pruned by approximately 20%.

No leaves with shoots

This means the tree has been dried out at some point but is coming back to full health. A good prune will aid growth and encourage more shoots to develop on the older wood.

Brown shoots/ branches

This is simply when a shoot/ branch has been broken and is now dead. The branch can be pulled out or pruned back past the point of breakage.


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The Olive Tree Gift Card is a terrific way to 'gift' an Olive tree without the dilema of choosing one!  The Gift Card will be emailed to you or the reciever of the gift (just let us know).  A unique code is part of the Gift card and can be used at any time in the future.  Buy in multiples of �25.


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